Hela Labs

Hela Labs: Pioneering Real-World Adoption with a Dynamic Layer-1 Blockchain Protocol

Experience the future of blockchain technology with Hela, a cutting-edge Layer-1 solution crafted by eminent engineers and scientists in collaboration with A*STAR IHPC. Engineered for real-world adoption, Hela boasts exceptional features and a modular design for unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Semrush rank: 39.9m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Feb. 2023


  • EVM Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate and migrate applications within the ecosystem with Enhanced Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility.
  • Modularity: Customize and upgrade applications without compromising system integrity, thanks to Hela’s modular design.
  • Scalability: Experience rapid transaction finality to meet the dynamic demands of a diverse user base, ensuring optimal scalability.
  • Security: Attain the highest level of security through Hela’s secure consensus protocol and professional validator engagement.
  • Decentralized Digital Identity (DDID): Exercise precise control over identity with transparency and accountability using Hela’s decentralized digital identity features.
  • Asset Integrity: Achieve seamless integration of different assets within a modular blockchain environment, ensuring integrity and versatility.
  • Stable Coin as Gas Fee: Experience transaction fee stability and low costs, enhancing the overall user experience with Hela’s innovative stable coin as gas fee model.

Use Cases:

  • Supply Chain Management: Optimize tracking and management processes in the healthcare industry and various other sectors with Hela’s efficient solutions.
  • Banking and Finance: Ensure secure and transparent financial transactions and services using Hela’s robust blockchain technology.
  • Real Estate: Streamline processes and enhance the security of property transactions in the real estate sector with Hela’s advanced protocol.

Hela stands as a game-changing blockchain protocol, offering features meticulously crafted for real-world adoption. Join the thriving Hela community today and contribute to building the future of web3 on the Hela platform!

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