Headroom 2.0

Headroom 2.0 - Elevating Collaboration with AI-Powered Meetings

Unlock a new era of remote and hybrid meetings with Headroom 2.0, an advanced suite of tools designed to foster balanced, entertaining, and memorable meeting experiences from beginning to end. Boasting features such as in-meeting gestures, real-time wordshare, shareable automatic summaries, meeting replays, live interactive transcripts, and more, Headroom streamlines the meeting process, transforming work into a seamless collaboration. Experience the future of meetings; get started for free today!

Semrush rank: 673.2k
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Aug. 2020


  • In-meeting gestures: Enhance your natural communication with in-meeting gestures. Capture attention with a simple hand wave or a thumbs up, removing the need for traditional keyboards.
  • Real-time wordshare: Enable automatic transcription and sharing of spoken words in real-time, promoting natural and fluid conversation.
  • Shareable automatic summaries: Elevate collaboration by sharing meeting replays with quick highlight reels, action items, shared notes, and next steps. Say goodbye to lengthy emails and keep stakeholders informed effortlessly.
  • Search everything: Effortlessly search meetings by various criteria such as attendees, shared notes, topics, or even specific spoken words. Find context around decisions and share insights faster than ever before.

Use Cases:

  • Remote and hybrid meetings: Tailored for remote and hybrid work setups, Headroom 2.0 offers a suite of tools to facilitate seamless collaboration during virtual meetings.
  • Shared team notes: Access built-in auto-saving shared team notes to keep everyone on the same page and easily share your thought process with interested team members.
  • Searchable meeting knowledgebase: Leverage a searchable meeting knowledgebase, including video, notes, and transcripts, to quickly find context around decisions and share information with unparalleled speed.

Headroom 2.0 redefines the meeting landscape by removing the complexities from work meetings, offering a suite of tools that ensure balanced, entertaining, and memorable collaborations. Perfect for remote and hybrid meetings, Headroom lets you effortlessly share meeting replays, update stakeholders with quick highlights, and search meetings based on specific details. Embrace better meetings; try Headroom for free today!

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