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Graphy: Empowering Businesses with AI-Driven Data Visualization

Graphy stands as an intuitive tool crafted to empower businesses in effortlessly creating stunning and interactive charts. Fueled by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, it simplifies complex data visualization and sharing, offering seamless chart embedding into Notion or any preferred platform.

Semrush rank: 4.5m
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Jul. 2021


  • User-Friendly Interface: Graphy boasts a simple and straightforward interface, ensuring ease of use for both beginners and seasoned users alike.
  • AI-Powered Chart Generator: Leverage the smart and automated chart creation tool, driven by AI, enabling the effortless generation of compelling data visualizations with just a click.
  • Wide Range of Chart Options: Whether it’s expenses, user sessions, customer funnels, or any other business data, Graphy offers a plethora of chart types for optimal data representation.
  • Convenient Embedding Option: Effortlessly embed your charts into Notion or other platforms, facilitating simple sharing and collaborative analysis.

Use Cases:

  • Business Expense Tracking: Utilize Graphy to create easily understandable charts showcasing your startup’s monthly expenses over specific periods.
  • User Session Analysis: Visually represent and analyze user session data from 2021 and 2022, gaining deeper insights into your user engagement.
  • Customer Funnel Visualization: Craft an interactive customer funnel chart for a detailed understanding of your customers’ journey.

With its blend of simplicity, advanced AI technology, and versatile features, Graphy emerges as the go-to tool for businesses addressing their diverse data visualization needs.

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