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GPTBots seamlessly integrates large language models (LLM) with enterprise data and service capabilities to efficiently build AI Bot services tailored to your business needs.

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Release time: Apr. 2023


  • Quote Generator: Quickly generate various types of quotes for diverse applications.
  • Geocoding API: Convert addresses to precise latitude and longitude coordinates for location-based services.
  • PDF Converter API: Effortlessly convert PDF files to other document formats, enhancing document flexibility.
  • Text-to-image API: Utilize AI to generate creative images based on textual content for visually engaging applications.
  • Grammar Check: Automatically detect and correct grammar and spelling errors in text, ensuring polished communication.
  • Popular Weather: Provide the latest weather information and forecasts, keeping users informed and prepared.
  • Finance API: Fulfill data queries related to stocks, exchange rates, financial statements, and more for comprehensive financial insights.
  • Text-to-Speech API: Convert text into speech and output it in multiple audio formats, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

Use Cases:

  • Open Bots Market: Explore a diverse range of AI bots, publish your creations, and generate profits in the open bots market.
  • Knowledge Base Importing: Securely upload your knowledge base in various formats such as PDF, PPT, and websites. AI bots deliver astute responses derived from your valuable knowledge.
  • Top Open-Source LLMs: Activate leading paid and quality free large language models with a single click. Skip complex deployment and fine-tuning processes to focus on your core business.
  • Open LLM Plugins: Access a vast selection of free public plugins to enhance your product service with advanced AI capabilities. Alternatively, encapsulate your unique capabilities into an LLM plugin to boost your business growth.

Experience a world of AI bots tailored to your needs. Let AI work for you and add vibrant color to your business!

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