Golden - Revolutionizing Knowledge Discovery on 10 Billion Topics

Golden introduces a cutting-edge knowledge engine, employing advanced natural language processing techniques to extract valuable insights from a multitude of public and private data sources. This platform provides a comprehensive discovery tool for researching and tracking information on specific topics, aiding teams in organizing knowledge, and enriching databases without the need for manual entry. Users can effortlessly explore deep and easily accessible knowledge across a vast array of over 10 billion topics.

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Release time: Aug. 1994


  • Unlock Rich, Canonical Information on Topics and Entities: Golden distills essential elements of information, describing entities and topics. Users can elevate their knowledge, pinpoint precise information, and stay ahead of industry shifts.
  • Discover New Ideas and Opportunities with the Golden Research Engine: The Golden Research Engine is a comprehensive discovery tool enabling users to research and track specific topics, including companies, investment funds, cryptocurrencies, crypto projects, people, and more.
  • Automate Knowledge Discovery with Alerts: Set up alerts for tracked topics and receive notifications for new topics that match predefined rules. The Golden Knowledge Graph ensures users find what they need effortlessly.
  • Activate an AI-Powered Research Army in One Click: Utilize the Data Request system to cut lead time and research costs. Activate data requests at different levels, from a single query to a collection of topics or in-depth information on an entity.
  • Maintain Organizational Knowledge Automatically: Golden Lists feature lets users tap into canonical information, bypassing maintenance challenges and empowering custom fields with privacy and flexibility.
  • Facilitate Collaborative Research for Team Momentum: Golden assists team members in assembling collective intelligence by discovering, tracking, and organizing knowledge collaboratively.
  • Boost Decision Making and Enterprise Data with the Golden API: Leverage Golden’s powerful API to stay informed as soon as new knowledge is discovered. Enrich CRM and databases without the hassle of manual data entry.

Use Cases:

  • Financial Technology: Golden aids finance organizations in staying updated on changing regulations, trends, and emerging technologies, such as blockchain and AI.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Powerful data analytics and insights from Golden transform patient care, support disease research, and manage healthcare costs for organizations in the healthcare sector.
  • Government and Defense: Government and defense organizations benefit from Golden in managing and analyzing vast data sets to enhance operations, cybersecurity, and national defense.
  • Automotive and Industrials: Golden aids transportation and industrial organizations in optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and innovating with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Logistics and FMCG: Logistics and FMCG companies stay ahead with Golden’s insights on supply chain optimization, market trends, and consumer preferences.
  • Investment and Insurance: Golden supports investment and insurance firms in making informed decisions with up-to-date insights on market trends, portfolio performance, and risk management.
  • Energy: Golden assists energy companies in optimizing production, improving operational efficiency, and identifying trends and opportunities in the renewable energy space.

Golden, with its fact-powered AI, redefines how organizations discover, share, and leverage deep and easily accessible knowledge across 10 billion topics. With its powerful features spanning various industries, Golden is poised to revolutionize research, decision-making, and collaborative knowledge-building.

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