GoalsGPT by Tability: Achieve More with AI-Assisted Goal Management

Explore the power of GoalsGPT by Tability, offering AI-assisted goal editing, tracking, and reporting to effortlessly align your endeavors with OKRs and goals. Discover its robust features, benefits, and diverse use cases here.

Pricing: Paid,$39/mo
Semrush rank: 1.0m
Location: Iceland
Release time: Nov. 2018


  • Effortless Goal Setting: Utilize AI-assisted goal editing to enhance the precision and effectiveness of your goal-setting process.
  • Goal Tracking Mastery: Access everything you need to stay on course with your OKRs and goals, ensuring consistent progress tracking.
  • On-Demand Reporting: Stay informed with the latest updates through reporting on-demand, keeping you in the loop at all times.
  • Effort Alignment: Gain a comprehensive company-wide view of all your goals without the need for complex configurations.
  • Initiatives and Tasks: Efficiently track essential tasks and milestones in relation to your objectives, fostering goal-oriented progress.
  • Standups: Conduct quick daily check-ins to maintain focus throughout the week, promoting consistent progress and collaboration.

Use Cases:

  • Resource Hub: Access a wealth of resources to deepen your understanding of the OKRs methodology, generate effective OKRs, and foster an outcome-driven approach with your team.
  • Seamless Integrations: Discover integrations with popular apps like OpenAI and Zapier, simplifying the automation of check-ins, goal setting, and progress monitoring.
  • Customer Success Stories: Explore real-world examples of how Tability has empowered customers and teams to become more outcome-driven in their work.

Tability presents a comprehensive suite of features and resources to empower teams in setting and achieving their goals seamlessly. With AI-powered assistance and effortless integrations, Tability simplifies goal alignment and tracking with OKRs. Sign up for a free trial today to experience how GoalsGPT by Tability can propel your team towards success.

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