Glass It: Your Ultimate Price Tracker for Price History & Drop Alerts

Glass It empowers you with a comprehensive price tracking solution, enabling you to monitor price history, receive timely drop alerts, and discover discounts, all while prioritizing and safeguarding your privacy.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2018


  • Effortless Price Monitoring: Glass It provides multiple avenues for price monitoring, including a dedicated website, a browser extension, a user-friendly mobile application, and seamless eCommerce platform integrations.
  • Privacy-First Approach: Your privacy is paramount. Glass It commits to protecting your personal data, ensuring that your private information remains confidential and is not used to identify discounts.

Use Cases:

  • Smart Money Savings: Save money intelligently by leveraging Glass It’s ability to track price changes and discover the best deals for your desired products.
  • Deal Verification with Price History: Utilize Glass It to cross-reference price history, ensuring that you secure the most accurate and beneficial discounts available.

Glass It stands as a trustworthy and privacy-centric price tracker, delivering unparalleled quality of service. Initiate your journey to track prices and maximize savings today! Alternatives:


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