GhostWryter: Your AI Writing Companion for SEO Texts and More

Discover GhostWryter, the groundbreaking tool powered by AI to effortlessly generate SEO texts, blog posts, and various marketing content. Tailor-made for Google Docs, GhostWryter empowers users to create high-quality content in seconds, all at an incredibly affordable cost.

Semrush rank: 3.8m
Location: Germany
Release time: Nov. 2022


  • Cost-Efficient Tool: Experience unparalleled affordability with GhostWryter, allowing you to create approximately 37,500 words for just $1. Revolutionize your content creation process with cost-effective AI assistance.
  • Powered by Advanced AI: GhostWryter harnesses the power of the most advanced Davinci model by OpenAI, ensuring the production of high-quality, diverse, and contextually rich content for your specific needs.
  • Integrated with Google Docs: Seamlessly integrate GhostWryter into your Google Docs workflow, streamlining the process of content generation and utilization. Enjoy a cohesive and efficient writing experience within your familiar Google Docs environment.

Use Cases:

  • SEO Texts Generation: Digital marketers and content creators can leverage GhostWryter to automatically generate SEO-optimized content, enhancing online visibility and search engine performance.
  • Blog Posts and Marketing Content Creation: Effortlessly produce engaging blog posts and marketing content with GhostWryter, catering to the needs of bloggers and businesses alike.

GhostWryter stands as a powerful fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and user-friendly interfaces, revolutionizing your content creation process. It’s time to automate your writing, save valuable time and money, and redirect your focus to other crucial areas of your business.

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