Ghostwriter: Boost Your Coding Speed with AI Assistance

Ghostwriter, the AI-powered in-IDE chat, revolutionizes coding by automating repetitive tasks, error detection and fixing, and code generation. Enhance your creativity and productivity with Ghostwriter, a trusted companion for programmers worldwide.

Pricing: Freemium,$7/mo
Semrush rank: 6.1k
Location: DATA REDACTED,United States of America
Release time: Sep. 2011


  • Auto-complete Suggestions: Receive quick in-line suggestions while coding, saving time and increasing overall productivity.
  • Explain Code: Access easy-to-understand summaries of code to enhance comprehension and troubleshoot effectively.
  • Generate & Transform Code: Express your thoughts, and let Ghostwriter generate and refactor code for you, streamlining the coding process.
  • Debugger: Detect errors and receive suggestions for fixes without leaving your integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Code Context: Consider the context of your project’s code for relevant responses, ensuring accurate and tailored assistance.

Use Cases:

  • Pair Programming: Engage with Ghostwriter as a collaborative partner for faster collaboration and idea generation during pair programming.
  • Creating New Projects: Generate boilerplate code for new projects, saving time and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Testing Code: Automate the generation of test cases and refactor code to maintain its accuracy and error-free status.
  • Styling Websites: Receive real-time suggestions for CSS code as you type, facilitating faster and improved website styling.
  • Learning New Technologies: Explore new technologies directly within the editor, leveraging Ghostwriter’s insightful suggestions.

Ghostwriter is a transformative tool for programmers seeking heightened productivity, creativity, and efficiency. Its AI-powered capabilities automate repetitive tasks and generate code, allowing users to focus on bringing their creative visions to life. The collaborative chat function makes it an invaluable tool for communication and teamwork. A must-have in every programmer’s toolbox.

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