GetAIKit | Empower Your WordPress Site with GPT-3 AI Assistance

GetAIKit is a WordPress plugin powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, designed to supercharge content generation for users, enabling them to write ten times faster and conquer writer's block with ease.

Semrush rank: 37.7m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Sep. 2022


  • Effortless AI Content Generation: Unleash AI’s creative power to provide topic ideas and effortlessly compose complete paragraphs, saving you time and effort.
  • Always at Your Fingertips: Seamlessly integrated with the Gutenberg editor, GetAIKit is readily available whenever you need it. Select text, utilize GPT-3’s capabilities from the AI dropdown menu – it’s that straightforward!
  • Direct Integration with OpenAI: No intermediaries, no recurring subscription costs. Simply add your OpenAI key and commence generating content instantly.
  • Highly Customizable: Select the ideal GPT-3 model for the task, adjust the length of generated content, and tailor how it’s highlighted in the editor. Multilingual support includes English, French, German, Spanish, and more.
  • Feature-Rich: Elevate your writing with an array of features, including summarization, paraphrasing, text tone adjustment, catchy subtitle generation, compelling ad copy creation, quote matching, complex concept explanation, and image prompt generation.

Use Cases:

  • Swift AI Content Generation: Utilize GetAIKit to generate content quickly and efficiently, reducing the time required to craft high-quality material.
  • Effortless Content Paraphrasing: Edit text effortlessly without investing hours in manual rewrites.
  • Catchy Subtitle Creation: Receive suggestions for enticing titles that enhance your content’s appeal to your audience.
  • Compelling Ad Copy Generation: Transform dull text into captivating ad copy suitable for your marketing campaigns and articles, enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Complex Concept Simplification: Simplify intricate ideas for your audience with a single click, ensuring crystal-clear and effective communication.
  • Image Prompt Generation: Leverage GPT-3’s creativity to craft image prompts for text-to-image models, enhancing your article with visuals.

GetAIKit is the ideal solution for writers aiming to boost productivity, streamline content creation, and swiftly produce high-quality material with AI support. Its seamless integration with WordPress and the vast capabilities of GPT-3 make GetAIKit a game-changer for content generation. Don’t hesitate! Acquire GetAIKit now and harness the power of AI for your content creation endeavors!

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