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Harness the power of AI with GeniePM to craft precise user stories, use cases, and more for your projects. Acquire accurate requirements and break down tasks, user stories, PRDs, and more, accelerating your product development journey.

Pricing: Free
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  • Intelligent AI Interface: GeniePM boasts an intuitive AI-powered interface enabling you to effortlessly create PRDs, tasks, user stories, bugs, and more. It consistently delivers fresh and accurate descriptions whenever regeneration is needed.
  • Comprehensive Ticket Generation: Generate a comprehensive set of tickets swiftly to expedite product development within your team using GeniePM.
  • Compatibility and Seamless Data Export: Enjoy compatibility with JIRA, Notion, and CSVs, facilitating effortless data export and seamless collaboration with your team.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Fulfillment: GeniePM liberates your time from administrative tasks, enhancing overall productivity and fulfillment in the tasks you cherish.

Use Cases:

  • Precision in User Stories and Use Cases: Leverage GeniePM to craft precise user stories and use cases tailored to your projects.
  • Tailored Workflow for PMs, POs, and More: GeniePM provides a tailored workflow designed for Project Managers, Product Owners, and anyone tasked with delivering precise definitions for their team.

GeniePM stands as an AI-powered ally, saving you time, delivering accurate requirements, and breaking down work into logical tasks for swift product development. Its user-friendly interface, data compatibility, and seamless collaboration capabilities make GeniePM the genie at your fingertips, granting your product wishes and enhancing the efficiency of your workday. Experience it for free during the beta phase!

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