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Transform your approach to prompts with GeneratedBy. Effortlessly generate, test, and optimize AI-driven prompts. Embark on your journey with GeneratedBy today!

Semrush rank: 40.7m
Location: France
Release time: Feb. 2023


  • Intuitive Prompt Editor and Optimization: Experience an intuitive interface for prompt creation, editing, and optimization. Utilize built-in language model and variable management for heightened productivity.
  • Multimodal Content and LLM Support: Efficiently manage text and image resources with support for multiple language learning models, offering a versatile and comprehensive prompt creation experience.
  • Inspiring Prompt Collection: Explore a curated collection of pre-built prompts and themed packs. Learn from and bookmark these prompts, with a voting system ensuring high-quality content surfaces.
  • Forms, Chat Bubble, or Micro-SaaS Generation: Benefit from customizable web forms, chat bubble integrations, and micro-SaaS generation. Facilitate seamless interactions and deploy prompt-based applications rapidly.

Use Cases:

  • Automated Prompt Generation: Create tailored prompts within seconds, requiring no advanced prompt engineering skills. Make productivity accessible to everyone.
  • Copywriting and Marketing Prompt Creation: Effortlessly generate engaging cold emails, catchy marketing slogans, and SEO articles with the ease of GeneratedBy.
  • Prompt-Based App Development: Leverage GeneratedBy’s platform to build applications powered by AI-generated prompts, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

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