Nextatlas Generate: Pioneering AI-Driven Generative Trend Forecasting

Nextatlas Generate stands as the world's premier generative trend forecasting service, driven by state-of-the-art language models and the Nextatlas engine.

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  • Data-backed answers you can trust: Strengthen your AI-generated reporting with robust Timeline Graphs, predicting growth and unraveling the evolution of your topics of interest across the Past, Present, and Future.
  • Target Audience & Industry: Nextatlas Generate reports offer user-friendly data visualizations on emerging target interests, values, occasions, and the impact on key industries and markets.
  • Social Media Examples & AI Generated Moodboards: Enhance your generative reporting with pertinent social media examples and aesthetically pleasing AI-generated moodboards for creative inspiration.

Use Cases:

  • Consumer group behavior prediction: Craft a blog post delving into the emerging consumer groups and their behaviors within the Beauty industry.
  • Future scenario generation: Generate three potential future scenarios for the snack sector and identify the most promising one.
  • Topic report composition: Compile a comprehensive report on the key topics destined to shape discussions in the renewable energy industry.
  • Newsletter creation: Curate a newsletter spotlighting the top color trends for the upcoming fall season in the fashion industry.

Nextatlas Generate ensures precision and reliability in forecasts, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and data-backed insights.

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