FreeTTS: Effortless Text-to-Speech Conversion with Natural-Sounding Voices

Generate high-quality audio files featuring natural-sounding voices in almost all languages effortlessly. Perfect for a myriad of projects. Sign up now and kickstart your journey of converting text to speech for free!

Pricing: Freemium,$19/mo
Semrush rank: 298.6k
Location: Phoenix,United States of America
Release time: Jul. 2019


  • Free and Safe: No registration required. All audio files will be securely removed within 24 hours.
  • Super Easy and Fast: Simply copy and paste your content, wait for a moment, and receive your .mp3 file in seconds.
  • Best Partner for Videos: Transform your video script into an mp3 file and seamlessly integrate voiceovers. No need to pay or manually record voiceovers.
  • Powerful AI Engine: Empowered by Google’s machine learning and Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities, ensuring swift and top-notch results.
  • Free for Commercial: Utilize robotic voices freely for commercial purposes. Ideal for blogs, AI-generated videos, and promotional content.
  • Learn SSML TTS: Customize your audio using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) for detailed control over pauses, audio formatting, and more.

Use Cases:

  • Videos: Effortlessly convert video scripts to mp3 files and seamlessly add voiceovers.
  • Blogs: Elevate your blog articles by incorporating natural-sounding voice narrations.
  • AI-Generated Videos: Create AI-generated videos with voiceovers without the need for manual recording.

FreeTTS stands as the leading online text-to-speech converter, delivering high-quality audio files in multiple languages. Sign up now and embark on the journey of converting text to speech for free!

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