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Free Text-to-Speech Service: Transforming Text into Lifelike Speech

Harness the power of our robust Microsoft AI speech library to seamlessly convert text into natural-sounding speech. Create distinctive voices, tailor settings, and enjoy support for multiple languages.

Pricing: Free
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  • Realistic Synthesized Speech: Achieve smooth, lifelike text-to-speech output with accurate intonation and emotion using our advanced synthesis technology.
  • Customizable Text Narrator Voice: Craft an AI voice that reflects your brand identity, creating a unique and memorable auditory experience for your audience.
  • Fine Text-to-Speech Controls: Effortlessly optimize speech output by adjusting parameters such as speech rate, pitch, articulation, and more for a tailored experience.
  • Multilingual Support: Expand your reach with 330 neural network voices available in 129 languages, ensuring global accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Browser Support: Enjoy compatibility with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (new version) for all features. WeChat supports playback for seamless accessibility.

Use Cases:

  • Text Readers: Facilitate content consumption for users by enabling them to listen to written content, catering to individuals with visual impairments or those with busy schedules.
  • Voice-Enabled Assistants: Enhance virtual assistants with human-like voices, creating engaging and interactive user experiences that feel natural and intuitive.

Experience our text-to-speech service that delivers realistic speech synthesis, customization capabilities, multilingual support, and versatile use cases to meet diverse communication needs.

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