Flowise: Empowering LLM App Development with Open Source UI

Discover Flowise, the open source UI visual tool powered by LangchainJS, designed to empower you in effortlessly building personalized LLM flow applications. Embracing a comprehensive MIT license, Flowise ensures your LLM apps run live quickly, seamlessly, and without any cost.

Semrush rank: 899.3k
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Mar. 2023


  • Open Source: Flowise is an open source tool developed under the MIT license, encouraging both personal and commercial use.
  • Build Fast: Experience instant live deployment of your LLM apps with Flowise, significantly accelerating your app development process.
  • Extensible Component: Customize your app seamlessly with the integration of custom components, adding flexibility and personalized features.
  • Dockers Support: Effortlessly use Flowise in a Docker container, providing enhanced flexibility and compatibility for your development environment.

Use Cases:

  • LLM Chain: Build basic to complex LLM Chains with Flowise, incorporating a Prompt Template and LLM Model for diverse applications.
  • Language Translation Chain: Perfect for applications requiring language translation, utilize Flowise’s LLM Chain with a chat prompt template and model.
  • Conversational Agent with Memory: Create an intuitive conversational agent using Flowise for a chat model with specific prompts and buffer memory.

Flowise streamlines the creation of LLM apps, ensuring rapid development and personalized features. As an embodiment of open source software, and with Docker support, Flowise promises compatibility and convenience.

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