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Flora Incognita | EN – Empowering Plant Species Identification with AI

Flora Incognita harnesses the power of AI to advocate for the conservation of plant diversity. It streamlines plant identification and serves as an invaluable educational resource. Download it for free today and join the citizen science movement.

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Release time: Jun. 2014


  • AI-Backed Plant Identification: Unlock the ability to identify over 16,000 plant species effortlessly and accurately through the Flora Incognita App’s artificial intelligence technology.
  • Record and Share Observations: Contribute to scientific research by documenting and sharing your observations. Every detail you record plays a vital role in plant conservation efforts.
  • Comprehensive Plant Fact Sheets: Discover fascinating insights about diverse plant species, including their distinctive characteristics, conservation status, and distribution.
  • Free and Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy uninterrupted plant identification with an app that is entirely free and devoid of advertisements. No constant internet connection is necessary.

Use Cases:

  • Educational Excellence: Educators at all levels can employ the Flora Incognita App as a valuable teaching tool for imparting knowledge about plant diversity and identification in educational institutions.
  • Nature Conservation Initiatives: Conservationists and enthusiasts can utilize the app to identify, track, and share observations of various plant species, contributing to their safeguarding and scientific exploration.
  • Citizen Science Engagement: Every individual can partake in scientific endeavors through the app, gaining insights into the world of flora while contributing to vital data collection and analysis.

Flora Incognita serves as a valuable asset for plant enthusiasts, educators, students, conservationists, and researchers. Not only does it streamline plant identification with AI-driven technology, but it also plays a pivotal role in advancing scientific research and education. Download Flora Incognita today and embark on a journey into the realm of plant diversity.

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