Flexberry AI Assistant

Flexberry AI Assistant: Accelerating Business Analysis with AI

Empower your business analysts and UI/UX designers with the Flexberry AI Assistant, a cutting-edge solution that expedites text analysis and effortlessly generates mockup forms, SQL scripts, and UML diagrams within minutes.

Semrush rank: 11.5m
Location: g Perm,Russian Federation
Release time: Jun. 2012


  • Information Extraction: Efficiently extracts information from natural language, constructing an information system based on predefined categories.
  • Project Metadata: Creates project metadata in alignment with industry best practices, ensuring accuracy and adherence to standards.
  • Visual Project Diagrams: Rapidly generates prototypes of visual project diagrams, including database diagrams and business process diagrams for streamlined project visualization.
  • Project Documentation Assistance: Automates the formation of standard texts, providing valuable assistance in preparing comprehensive project documentation.
  • MVP Creation: Facilitates the quick and easy creation of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to prototype proposed solutions efficiently.

Use Cases:

  • Analysing Text: The AI Assistant significantly accelerates the text analysis process for business analysts and UI/UX designers, improving overall efficiency.
  • Generating Mockup Forms: Within a minute, the AI Assistant generates mockup forms, offering swift visualization of design concepts.
  • Generating SQL Scripts: Effortlessly generates SQL scripts in a minute, simplifying database-related tasks for enhanced productivity.
  • Generating UML Diagrams: Produces UML diagrams in just a minute, streamlining the visualization of complex project structures.

The Flexberry AI Assistant is a flexible and user-friendly tool designed to adapt to the specific tasks of your company. While it reduces the time required for certain tasks, it serves as a valuable assistant to business analysts and UI/UX designers. It is developed in accordance with industry best practices and requirements, a product of collaboration with scientists and AI experts, and draws on a decade of experience in developing sophisticated applications and services for the IT industry.

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