Google Research Frame Interpolation API

Experience advanced video frame interpolation using a high-quality neural network with the Google Research Frame Interpolation API. This Tensorflow 2 implementation achieves state-of-the-art results.

Pricing: Free,$ 0.0002/second
Semrush rank: 53.8k
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: May. 1998


  • Multi-scale Feature Extractor: Utilize a multi-scale feature extractor that shares the same convolution weights across various scales, enhancing the network’s efficiency.
  • Trainable from Frame Triplets: Train the model seamlessly from frame triplets alone, eliminating the need for additional pre-trained networks such as optical flow or depth.

Use Cases:

  • Video Frame Interpolation: Generate smooth transitions and high-quality slow-motion footage by interpolating video frames.
  • Video Enhancement: Elevate the visual quality of low frame rate videos by increasing the frame rate and reducing motion blur.

Explore the possibilities of video frame interpolation and enhance the visual appeal of your videos effortlessly with the Google Research Frame Interpolation API.

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