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FaceCheck ID - Uncover Identities, Ensure Safety, and Avoid Online Scams

Explore the power of FaceCheck ID, a tool that enables you to upload a photo of a person and unveil their social media profiles, appearances in blogs, video content, and news websites. Verify the authenticity of individuals and safeguard yourself from potential threats.

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  • Search Internet by Face: Effortlessly upload a photo of a person of interest to discover their social media profiles, blog appearances, video content, and mentions in news articles.
  • Avoid Dangerous Criminals: Conduct a comprehensive check by comparing a person’s photo against millions of faces from mugshot databases, sex offender websites, and individuals who have appeared in the news.
  • Keep Your Family Safe: Index faces of individuals involved in violent crimes, child exploitation, sex offenses, kidnapping, abuse, murder, hate crimes, burglary, gang activities, fugitives, terrorism, online dating scams, and various forms of fraud to ensure the safety of your family.
  • Avoid Becoming a Victim: Identify and steer clear of catfish, romance scammers, fake dating profiles, con artists, abusers, sex offenders, pedophiles, and fabricated video reviews and testimonials.
  • Let’s FaceCheck Him!: Address the question ‘Who is that?’ by utilizing FaceCheck to search and identify a person, providing clarity in uncertain situations.
  • Delete Your Photos from FaceCheck: Exercise control over your online presence by requesting the removal of your photos from FaceCheck. Simply locate the images, click ‘Request Removal,’ and follow the steps, including uploading an anonymized identification document or a selfie with two fingers touching your chin.

Use Cases:

  • Verify Someone’s Identity: Upload a photo to check the social media profiles and online appearances of a person, verifying their authenticity.
  • Safety and Protection: Utilize FaceCheck to safeguard against dangerous criminals, including violent offenders, sex offenders, and fraudsters, ensuring the safety of your family.
  • Avoid Online Scams: Uncover catfish, romance scammers, and fake dating profiles preemptively to avoid falling victim to online scams.

FaceCheck is a potent tool for searching and identifying people online. Its features empower users to verify identities, enhance safety, and steer clear of online scams.

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