Face26 – Elevate Your Photos with AI Enhancement

Rediscover your cherished memories effortlessly! Transform, rejuvenate, add color, and animate your photos using Face26's cutting-edge AI Photo Enhancer.

Pricing: Free
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Location: JACKSONVILLE,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2022


  • Unblur Photos: Instantly turn blurry photos into stunning HD images. Sharpen, enhance, and revitalize with just one click.
  • Add Color to Photos: Automatically infuse vibrant colors into grey, black and white, or aged photos for a fresh and lively look.
  • HD Portraits: Create high-definition portrait photos even from small and tiny faces, capturing every detail impeccably.
  • AI Upscale: Upscale and enhance small, low-definition pictures by 2x or 4x to HD without any compromise on quality.
  • Photo Realistic Art: Transform drawings or painted illustrations into photo-realistic images, adding a touch of artistry.
  • Animate Photos: Bring your photos to life with various emotional templates, adding a dynamic element to your memories.
  • AI Face Retouch: Effortlessly retouch and fix blurry or pixelated faces with just a single click.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance Old Photos: Revitalize your old, pixelated, or blurred photos, turning them into high-definition masterpieces.
  • Create HD Portraits: Generate crystal-clear high-definition portraits, even from group photos, preserving every facial detail.
  • Colorize Photos: Infuse vibrant and lifelike colors into your black and white or vintage photos for a stunning visual transformation.

Face26 prioritizes your privacy by encrypting all uploaded images. Try it now and witness the incredible results!

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