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Enhance Gaming and Live Streams with Eyeware Beam

Transform your iPhone or iPad into a powerful head and eye tracker with the first all-in-one app for immersive gaming and streaming. Unlock 6DoF head tracking experiences with just your iOS device and PC, comparable to Tobii and TrackIR hardware but without compromising range of motion or reliability.

Pricing: Paid,$5/mo
Semrush rank: 616.8k
Location: Iceland
Release time: Sep. 2015


  • Real-life head movements become in-game actions: Experience 6DOF head tracking using only your iPhone and PC. Expand your field of view in over 190 of your favorite PC games enabled with OpenTrack.
  • Eye tracking for live stream audience engagement: Revolutionize your live streams on Twitch and YouTube with an accurate eye tracking gaze bubble overlay. Let your audience see exactly where you’re looking on your screen in real-time, sharing your perspective.
  • Patent-pending technology eliminates hardware: Generate a precise head pose and eye tracking signal comparable to Tobii and TrackIR hardware. The app employs proprietary computer vision algorithms and AI technology, ensuring accurate tracking without sacrificing range of motion or reliability.

Use Cases:

  • Gamers: Leverage head tracking in over 200 games to enhance your field of view for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Live Streamers: Captivate your audience with an accurate eye tracking gaze bubble overlay, showcasing exactly what you see on your screen in real-time during your live streams.
  • Developers: Access the API for in-depth development and create innovative ways to integrate head and eye tracking into your applications.

Utilize this app to turn your iPhone or iPad into a robust head and eye tracker. Enjoy immersive gaming experiences with advanced head tracking and engage your audience with precise eye tracking overlays during live streams. Benefit from its patent-pending technology for accurate tracking without the need for additional hardware. Start enhancing your gaming and streaming experiences today.

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