Evita: Transforming Singing Lessons through AI Innovation

Embark on a revolutionary singing journey with Evita, a cutting-edge platform that harnesses the power of AI to optimize vocal development. Through in-depth analysis of your singing lessons, Evita offers an effective practice plan and insightful improvement comparisons. Seize the opportunity to register and join our free beta for an immersive singing experience.

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  • Upload, Analyse and Improve: Empower your vocal development by uploading recordings of your singing lessons to Evita, receiving a detailed analysis with specific action items for improvement.
  • Personalized Coach Everything Voice and Singing: Engage in interactive chats with Evita for personalized advice on vocal techniques, exercises, warm-ups, and even discover new repertoire tailored to your unique voice and style.
  • Creative Collaboration with Lyrics and Chords: Unlock your artistic potential by collaborating with Evita to write new lyrics, generate chords, analyze songs, and foster your growth as a music artist.

Use Cases:

  • Vocal Technique Enhancement: Consult with Evita for valuable tips and guidance on enhancing your vocal technique, ensuring continuous improvement in your singing journey.
  • Learning New Repertoire: Explore and discover new songs that align with your voice and style, guided by Evita’s expertise in suggesting repertoire suitable for your unique vocal qualities.
  • Writing New Lyrics and Chords: Collaborate with Evita to unleash your creativity, whether it’s crafting new lyrics, devising chords, or growing as a music artist with innovative and personalized support.

Evita stands as a revolutionary tool for every singer, making the learning and improvement of singing techniques more efficient and effective through its AI capabilities. Register now to be part of the beta and elevate your singing experience.

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