Emvoice One - Unlock Real Vocals in Your DAW

Experience the magic of Emvoice One VST/AU/AAX for Mac/PC, offering access to natural and classic vocal ranges for a convenient one-time payment. Effortlessly draw musical phrases, type lyrics, and instantly bring your compositions to life!

Pricing: Paid,$69
Semrush rank: 885.3k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Feb. 2017


  • Draw and Type, Sing Instantly: Transform your musical ideas into reality by drawing musical phrases as notes, each linked to a text box. Your typed lyrics are seamlessly sent to the cloud, enabling Emvoice One to sing your compositions instantly.
  • Four Voice Options: Explore a diverse range of vocal options with Emvoice One, featuring four distinctive voices – Keela, Lucy, Jay, and Thomas – each offering natural and classic vocal ranges to suit your creative vision.
  • Demo and Free Options: Embark on a risk-free journey with Emvoice One’s demo version, providing free access to the vocal engine with a limited seven notes. Upgrade to the full version for unrestricted access with a simple one-time payment.

Use Cases:

  • Music Production: Effortlessly enhance your music productions by integrating Emvoice One’s natural and classic vocal ranges, offering a seamless and authentic vocal experience.
  • Songwriting: Immerse yourself in the creative process of songwriting as Emvoice One brings your lyrics to life instantly. Choose from four unique voices to match the mood of your composition.

Emvoice One stands as a powerful ally for music producers and songwriters, delivering authentic vocals directly to your DAW with a one-time payment. Elevate your musical creations with the realism and convenience of Emvoice One.

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