Elai.io: Empowering Video Creation with AI Innovation

Unlock the potential of AI-powered video creation with Elai.io. Craft professional, customizable videos effortlessly from simple text inputs – no cameras, studios, or green screens required. Experience hassle-free and scalable video generation at your fingertips.

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Location: Iceland
Release time: Apr. 2020


  • Real Human Avatars: Select from a diverse collection of over 25 avatars, including selfie and studio-quality options, to infuse a human touch into your AI-generated videos.
  • Text-to-Video Redefined with GPT-3: Revolutionize your video creation process by constructing scripts from scratch and generating captivating videos through Elai.io’s seamless integration with GPT-3 technology.
  • Article-to-Video Converter: Effortlessly transform blog posts into narrated videos using Elai.io’s Article-to-Video Converter. Simply input your post’s URL or HTML text, choose a template from the library, and review or apply changes as needed.

Use Cases:

  • Learning & Development: Facilitate language-diverse training videos without the need for actors, voiceovers, or extensive post-production. Easily integrate your videos into your Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP).
  • Marketing Videos: Enhance conversion rates and drive organic traffic for your business with compelling product videos crafted by AI through Elai.io, empowering your marketing strategy.

Elai.io stands as a versatile and potent AI video generation platform, delivering outstanding services and professional-quality videos. Its user-friendly and streamlined process empowers individuals unfamiliar with video production to create engaging content seamlessly. With an array of features and use cases catering to diverse needs, Elai.io emerges as the go-to platform for video creation, eliminating the need for cameras or studios.

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