Ebi.Ai - Transform Chatbots into Powerful AI Assistants

Elevate your customer experience and reduce costs by upgrading chatbots to advanced AI assistants. Our platform empowers you to create a high-performance AI assistant in just 15 minutes, with no coding or technical expertise required.

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Location: Warwick,United Kingdom
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Effortless AI Assistant Creation: Our platform provides all the tools you need to develop a sophisticated AI assistant. Begin with the basics and scale up as your needs evolve.
  • Platform Features: Discover how our AI assistant consistently delivers results for companies, reducing call volumes, and generating cost savings. Explore customer case studies for deeper insights.
  • Deploy and Learn: Take the first real step into the world of AI assistants with our platform’s easy deployment process. Sign up for a free account and seamlessly upgrade as your business expands.

Use Cases:

  • Schedule a Discovery Call: Our team is ready to set up and manage an AI assistant tailored to your needs. Book a discovery call to explore the possibilities.
  • AI Assistant Success Stories: Explore inspiring case studies across various industries, showcasing how AI assistants save costs and free up valuable time. Find inspiration in our success stories.
  • Digital Transformation: Witness the transformation of a leisure business that used an AI assistant to address 97% of customer queries, and delve into other impactful case studies on digital transformation.

Unlock the potential of high-performance AI assistants with our user-friendly platform. Experience increased capacity, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Begin with our free account and seamlessly scale up as your business grows.

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