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Bid farewell to lackluster prompts and revolutionize your AI interactions with EasyPrompt. No ChatGPT account needed. Free to use. Enhance response quality effortlessly.

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Release time: Feb. 2023


  • AI Chatbot Prompt Library: Access an extensive collection of ChatGPT prompts to optimize and enrich your AI experience.
  • ChatGPT for Telegram: Generate impactful responses using our AI-powered Telegram chatbot, all without requiring a ChatGPT account.
  • EasyPrompt Web App: Fine-tune your ChatGPT user experience with features such as a prompt library, chat history search, notes, and categorization.
  • Prompt Library: Explore a vast repository of ChatGPT prompts, contribute new prompts, vote for your favorites, and uncover the best prompts available.
  • Browse all Articles: Delve into articles highlighting the potency of prompts and gain expert tips to elevate your ChatGPT prompts for superior results.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance ChatGPT Results via Telegram Chatbot: Harness the power of EasyPrompt’s Telegram chatbot to achieve desired AI outcomes with well-crafted and effective prompts.
  • Refine Prompt Engineering Skills: Acquire 11 expert tips to craft potent ChatGPT prompts, yielding responses with a 10x impact, and advance your prompt engineering proficiency.

EasyPrompt empowers users to optimize AI tools by providing intelligent and effective prompts, catering to users of all expertise levels.

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