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Drafter AI: Your Gateway to Effortless AI Integration

Experience seamless automation of business operations within hours using the Drafter AI platform. No developers or ML engineers required.

Semrush rank: 923.0k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Dec. 2020


  • Communications: Efficiently categorize and summarize email conversations, meeting discussions, and automate tasks related to files and documents.
  • Marketing: Fine-tune ad copy and targeting, automate email campaigns, and generate customized product and service descriptions effortlessly.
  • Sales: Streamline prospect research, personalize outreach messages, and create tailored sales presentations with automation.
  • Customer Support: Deploy AI chatbots for automated client responses, offer 24/7 support, and proactively address customer issues.
  • Legal Ops: Receive AI-generated answers to legal questions, summarize legal documents, and automatically categorize legal paperwork.
  • Strategy: Monitor competitors’ activities, identify winning customer segments, and enhance strategy with AI-driven recommendations.

Use Cases:

  • Win Your Competition with All-in-one AI: Swiftly implement AI-powered tools, products, or features with Drafter AI.
  • Make AI Tools 10x Faster: Build automation tools without the need for ML engineers, significantly reducing development time.
  • Connect with 1000+ Tools You Use: Enhance your existing tools with the addition of AI-powered features.
  • Save 90% on Development Costs: Achieve more with minimal effort and without involving developers or ML engineers, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Customize to Fit Your Needs: Tailor AI to align with your guidelines and internal knowledge, ensuring high-quality outcomes.
  • Learn how to make AI work for your business: Access a free, step-by-step AI implementation strategy for your business.

Drafter AI delivers tangible value by efficiently automating business operations with a proven track record of success. Harness the power of AI for your business today.

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