Scale Donovan: Revolutionizing Decision-Making with AI for U.S. Government

Donovan stands as an innovative AI-powered decision platform designed to empower operators with the ability to understand, plan, and act within minutes, eliminating the weeks-long traditional processes.

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Release time: Dec. 1997


  • Deploy In Weeks, Not Months: Donovan ingests your organization’s data from diverse sources, whether it’s in the cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, encompassing various types such as emails, intelligence reports, orders, satellite imagery, and more.
  • Achieve AI Overmatch: Ensure a decisive advantage with the most advanced, mission-ready AI capabilities available in the U.S. toolkit.
  • AI Expertise: Collaborate with leading commercial foundation model providers, leveraging their expertise in federal engagements.
  • Continuous Improvement: Enhance model performance through human feedback, utilizing the Data Engine infrastructure for continuous refinement.
  • Flexibility & Speed: Accelerate the transition of models from pilot to production within weeks, avoiding lengthy timelines and cloud or foundation model dependencies.
  • Multimodal Support: Support both text-based and visual data, enabling comprehensive analysis of a wide range of data types.
  • Traceability: Provide transparently linked citations and authoritative sources for model responses, ensuring accountability and reliability.
  • Agents: Enable data-driven decisions by utilizing tools, querying databases, and accessing API endpoints for information retrieval.
  • Supported Environments: Scale’s federal ML solutions are trusted and secure, with existing authorization and deployment mechanisms in place.

Use Cases:

  • Donovan AI-powered decision-making for defense: Donovan empowers operators and analysts with rapid decision-making capabilities using cutting-edge AI technology. A trial is available for verified U.S. government employees.

Donovan emerges as a robust AI-powered decision-making platform, delivering flexibility, speed, and multimodal support tailored for U.S. government users.

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