Documind: Redefining Document Interaction with AI ChatGPT

Experience the future of document interaction as Documind employs state-of-the-art AI to eliminate the hassle of navigating through lengthy documents. We convert your information into an interactive ChatGPT, making document interaction as effortless as a conversation.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: May. 2023


  • Document Uploads: Easily bulk upload your entire documents in a single, seamless process.
  • Modern AI Technology Processing: Leverage cutting-edge AI technology for the efficient processing of your documents.
  • Interactive Documents: Engage with your documents, whether they are study books, legal documents, or any other type, using a user-friendly chat interface.
  • Question Answering & Summarization: Pose queries in a conversational manner and receive comprehensive summaries for efficient information retrieval.
  • Website Integration: Embed your custom ChatGPT on your website or generate a shareable link for seamless integration.
  • Rapid Information Retrieval: Locate specific information quickly with AI-powered responses, streamlining the document interaction process.

Use Cases:

  • Scientific Research: Simplify complex topics with a user-friendly chat interface designed for scientific papers.
  • Legal Affairs: Facilitate faster and easier legal document processing with AI-led search capabilities.
  • Customer Support: Efficiently manage support tickets by swiftly accessing and utilizing uploaded manuals, guides, and FAQ documents.
  • Multi-language Document Management: Documind interacts with over 95 languages, ensuring effective communication and document management.

Documind represents a groundbreaking leap in document interaction, transforming lengthy and complex written data into conversational information. Make information retrieval as simple as chatting by starting your journey with Documind today.

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