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Deskflow AI: Revolutionizing HR and IT Support Automation

Bid farewell to employee churn with Deskflow AI. Our platform is intricately trained on your internal knowledge base, seamlessly integrating with your HRIS and ITSM systems. By handling repetitive help desk tasks at an accelerated pace, Deskflow AI enhances productivity by 10X.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: May. 2023


  • Co-Pilot for Your Employees-Facing Teams: Deskflow AI serves as a valuable co-pilot, enabling your team to reclaim up to 90% of the time spent on employee communication.
  • Auto-Creates and Assigns Tickets: Alfred, Deskflow’s AI, efficiently performs tasks like creating tickets on your help desk software on behalf of your employees.
  • Integrations Across Multiple Platforms: Deskflow’s Alfred AI acts as an assistant with access to your comprehensive knowledge base, proactively taking necessary actions.
  • Human-Level Communication: Experience human-like automated responses from Deskflow’s Alfred AI, adept at handling over 100k common queries and requests from agents or employees.

Use Cases:

  • Reduce Time Required to Address Employee Issues: Deskflow AI significantly reduces the time needed to address employee issues by 50%, allowing HR and IT teams to focus on critical tasks and leading to cost savings.
  • Unlock Productivity: Achieve a 90% reduction in the time it takes for employees to access crucial information, unlocking unprecedented levels of productivity.

Deskflow AI empowers your organization by automating HR and IT support, liberating your help desk, and providing unwavering support to your team.

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