DeepZen: Revolutionizing Audio Content Production with AI Voice Solutions

DeepZen introduces AI voice solutions that breathe life into texts by replicating the emotion, intonation, and rhythm of the human voice. From audiobooks to advertising, our groundbreaking technology delivers digital voice content with a focus on quality, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Nov. 2017


  • High-Quality Digital Voice: DeepZen crafts lifelike digital voices cloned from professional narrators and voice-over artists, ensuring an exceptional end product.
  • Convenience: Our AI solution accelerates the production process, simplifying workflows, and eliminating the need for physical recording locations, providing unmatched convenience.
  • Cost Efficiency: DeepZen AI offers reduced costs and unhindered production capability, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of any size.

Use Cases:

  • Publishing: DeepZen’s technology enables publishers to swiftly bring audiobooks to the market, reducing time-to-market significantly.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Agencies and marketers can create bespoke audio content for clients or brands without incurring heavy production costs, revolutionizing advertising and marketing strategies.
  • Narration and Voiceover: Utilize DeepZen’s AI-generated voices for diverse narration and voice-over tasks, spanning e-books, podcasts, and gaming, adding a human touch to digital content.

DeepZen reshapes industries by transforming text into emotional, human-like voice using innovative AI technology. Offering quality voices, convenience, and affordability, we provide an efficient solution for individuals and businesses entering the realm of audio content production, overcoming constraints in time, complexity, and cost.

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