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DataBorg: AI-Enhanced Data Management and Extraction Suite

DataBorg provides an advanced AI-driven platform for businesses and consumers to enhance their data comprehension through knowledge extraction, integration, and analysis tools. The platform empowers users by converting raw data into valuable insights, thereby enhancing decision-making efficiency.

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Location: Sanford,United States of America
Release time: Oct. 2021


  • Effortless Knowledge Extraction: Utilize machine learning to extract valuable insights from unstructured or semi-structured data sources, including documents, websites, and cloud tools.
  • Future-proof Knowledge Integration: Connect dispersed knowledge into a compliant, secure, single, multi-access repository suitable for AI, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence solutions.
  • AI-assisted Data Comprehension: Leverage DataBorg’s Natural Language Question Answering tools for a comprehensive view of your knowledge repository and related data assets through intelligent search or API.
  • Data Harmonization: Cleanse, deduplicate, link, fuse, validate, and harmonize your data to prepare it for intelligent applications.
  • Distributed Search: Enjoy seamless searching across multiple data silos as if they were a single unified data source.
  • Conversational Chatbot: An intelligent bot that aids in responding to your natural language queries, granting access to your company’s unified knowledge.

Use Cases:

  • Venture Capital: Automated screening of startups based on semantic analysis and data enrichment.
  • Finance: Intelligent analysis of trading signals based on semantic news comprehension.
  • Sales Intelligence: Identify prospects and match products effectively using conversational bots.
  • Customer Support: Find solutions to customer problems in support scenarios using conversational bots.
  • Human Resources: Match job positions with suitable applicants by deeply understanding their skill sets.
  • Fact-checking: Verify factual information to ensure the accuracy and correctness of reporting.

Unlock the potential of AI and data with DataBorg. Our platform helps businesses in various sectors harness the immense power of their data by transforming it into actionable insights and knowledge. Shape, evolve, and gain deeper insights into your data with DataBorg.

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