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Elevate Customer Service with Crisp MagicReply - Your AI Assistant

Experience hassle-free setup with Crisp, the AI assistant for customer service.

Pricing: Freemium,€25/mo
Semrush rank: 242.5k
Location: Nantes,France
Release time: Jun. 2017


  • Craft Meaningful Interactions with a Website Chat Widget: Enhance customer engagement with a chat widget seamlessly integrated into your website.
  • Build Chatbots for Automated Conversations: Create chatbots to handle automated conversations, streamlining interactions with customers.
  • Improve Leads and Customers’ Knowledge: Augment CRM capabilities to deepen knowledge about leads and customers for personalized interactions.
  • Collaborate with a Shared Inbox: Get more work done efficiently by collaborating through a shared inbox for task management.
  • Optimize Customer Support with a Ticketing System: Streamline customer support using a ticketing system for optimal efficiency.
  • Boost Engagement with Email and In-App Messages: Increase customer engagement through targeted email and in-app campaigns.
  • Knowledge Base for Instant Answers: Create a knowledge base to provide quick answers to customer queries and enhance self-service.
  • Monitor System Status and Alert Users: Keep track of system status and promptly alert users in case of any issues.

Use Cases:

  • Learn Crisp Configuration and Usage: Access the Help Center and developer hub for Crisp tutorials and guides on configuration and usage.
  • Unleash Videos for Best Practices: Watch videos to discover best practices and tips for maximizing the benefits of the Crisp platform.
  • Utilize Crisp APIs for Custom Use Cases: Leverage Crisp APIs to customize and adapt the platform to specific use cases, unlocking its full potential.

Embark on the future of customer service with Crisp AI. Our AI assistant, MagicReply, synergizes human and AI efforts for enhanced customer support and operational efficiency.

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