cre8tiveAI: Revolutionizing Photo Editing with AI-based SaaS

cre8tiveAI is an AI-based SaaS that delivers rapid and efficient photo and illustration editing features, including automatic painting, image and video resolution enhancement, clipping, layering, and color correction. Complete your tasks within 10 seconds, adding significant value to your digital art and photo editing projects.

Semrush rank: 2.1m
Location: Shibuya-ku,Japan
Release time: Oct. 2018


  • Photo Refiner: Utilize AI to enhance the resolution of photos and illustrations by up to 16 times, producing clearer and higher definition images.
  • Face Refiner: Experience specialized AI that enhances photo quality by identifying and improving faces, removing noise and out-of-focus elements.
  • SAI: Leverage AI capable of drawing over 1,000,000 unique face illustrations, amplifying your creative content.
  • Portrait Drawer: Identify faces in photos and automatically generate eight different types of portraits in various styles like monochrome and cartoon.
  • Moving Photo Maker: Create dynamic 3D videos from photos by adding depth and employing 13 different types of camera work, including zoom in/out and dolly effects.
  • Line Drawer: Access AI that generates nine different types of line drawings from a single image, ideal for manga and anime backgrounds.
  • AnimeSR: Enjoy a free Chrome extension that enhances the quality of real-time animated videos on webpages, including YouTube.
  • Enpainter: Transform photos into painting styles reminiscent of famous artists like Van Gogh and Monet.
  • Anime Art Painter: Generate four types of background art from a single photo, including cartoon and watercolor styles.
  • PNG Smallify: Reduce the size of PNG files without compromising visual quality.
  • Mono Painter: Experience AI capable of converting monochrome photos into colorful masterpieces.

Use Cases:

  • Photo Enhancement: Improve the resolution and reduce noise of individual and bulk photos for professional or personal use.
  • Character Illustration: Create unique character illustrations for graphic novels, comics, animations, and games.
  • Artistic Transformation: Transform ordinary photos into artistic masterpieces in the style of world-renowned painters.
  • Photo to Video Conversion: Convert static photos into dynamic 3D videos for social media, digital marketing, and more.
  • Size Optimization: Optimize website speed and performance by reducing PNG file sizes without compromising visual quality.
  • Color Photography: Revitalize black and white photos by converting them into vivid, color images.

cre8tiveAI offers an extensive range of photo and illustration editing tools, capable of creating impressive results in minimal time. Ideal for artists, photographers, designers, and digital creators, it takes image editing to the next level.

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