Crawly - Automated Web Content Extraction

Crawly is an advanced web crawler developed by Diffbot that effortlessly extracts structured data from websites, providing a time-saving solution.

Semrush rank: 751.6k
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Aug. 2004


  • Comprehensive Structured Data Extraction: Crawly spiders and extracts complete structured data from entire websites, covering elements such as title, text, HTML comments, date, entity tags, author, author URL, images, videos, publisher, country, publisher name, language, and email address.
  • Swift and Effortless Data Conversion: Crawly rapidly transforms websites into structured data within seconds. Extracted data is available for download in JSON or CSV format, facilitating easy analysis and utilization.
  • Automatic Website Crawling: Simply input a website, and Crawly autonomously crawls and extracts structured data without the need for you to write a single line of code.

Use Cases:

  • Market Research: Crawly proves invaluable for extracting data from competitor websites, enabling in-depth analysis of their features and pricing to inform your business strategy.
  • Content Creation Assistance: Content creators can leverage Crawly to research and analyze popular topics, identifying key features and authors to guide their content creation process.
  • SEO Analysis: Crawly provides detailed information on website structure and metadata, empowering SEO experts to optimize for search engines and enhance website traffic.

Crawly stands out as a powerful web crawler, streamlining the process of extracting structured data from websites. Its automatic crawling, swift data conversion, and ability to extract a wide range of information make it an indispensable tool for market research, content creation, and SEO analysis.

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