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Courseau harnesses the power of AI to transform your existing content into dynamic and interactive online courses. Get started for free and explore our array of pricing plans and features.

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Release time: Mar. 2023


  • Free Mini+ Pro: Ideal for personal use and testing purposes. Please note that this plan doesn’t allow content to be published or shared.
  • Branded Mini-Courses: Enhance your existing output with fully editable branded mini-courses. Add images, videos, and more. Content generation using GPT-3.5, with a single input of up to 2h / 30 pages. 8-10 lessons generated. AI-assisted transcription. Courseau branding.
  • 20 Mini Courses per Month, Plus Up to 2 Pro Courses: Unlock advanced features, including content generation using GPT-4, multiple inputs of various formats, up to 20h / 300 pages of input, the ability to define unique learning outcomes, and up to 20 lessons generated per course.

Use Cases:

  • Start for Free: Experience the Courseau platform and its features at no cost. Witness how your content can seamlessly transform into engaging online courses.
  • Transform Various Content Types: Leverage Courseau’s AI technology to convert diverse content types, such as voice notes, webinars, books, and more, into high-quality online courses.
  • Flexibility for Serial Course Creators, Companies, and Agencies: Tailored plans, custom integration, and volume or license-based options are available for individuals, companies, or agencies regularly involved in course creation.

Courseau stands as an innovative education platform, utilizing AI to seamlessly transform your content into captivating and interactive online courses. Whether you’re an individual or a business, Courseau has the right plan for you.

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