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Colourlab AI: Elevate Your Colors with AI-Powered Grading

Experience the prowess of AI-driven color grading with Colourlab AI, a sophisticated software tailored for professional filmmakers, content creators, and colorists. Unleash your creative potential with smart filters and presets that redefine the way colors enhance your visual narratives.

Pricing: Paid,$14/mo
Semrush rank: 745.8k
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Aug. 2020


  • Auto-Color: Achieve film color balance effortlessly with a single click, streamlining the color grading process.
  • Color-Match: Instantly match colors with your favorite movies, adding cinematic flair to your creations effortlessly.
  • Smart Filters: Explore a myriad of looks through a diverse range of smart filters and presets, allowing for infinite creative possibilities.
  • Color Engine: Seamlessly integrate with most editing software, providing real-time image processing for a fluid and efficient workflow.
  • Look Designer: Craft distinctive looks using the same software trusted by Hollywood colorists, elevating your content to professional film-quality standards.

Use Cases:

  • Filmmakers: Empower your filmmaking journey by creating visually stunning films with Colourlab’s AI-powered color grading software, featuring smart filters and presets.
  • Content Creators: Transform your videos effortlessly with one-click color balancing, color matching, and an array of smart filters, enhancing the visual appeal of your content.
  • Colorists: Optimize your workflow with Colourlab’s AI-driven color grading software, reducing time spent on mundane editing tasks and allowing you to focus on the finer details.
  • Editors: Make informed editing decisions swiftly with Colourlab’s instant shot balancing and user-friendly color grading tools, enhancing the efficiency of your editing process.

Colourlab AI stands as the ultimate companion for filmmakers and content creators, providing a platform to unleash creative brilliance through professional film-quality colors.

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