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Childbook AI: Craft Your Exclusive Children's Adventure

Unleash the magic of personalized storytelling with Childbook AI, your go-to AI-powered book maker. Our children's books are unparalleled, created uniquely with imaginative narratives and captivating visuals. Dive into an immersive reading experience enhanced by our text-to-speech narration. Own your story and explore endless possibilities!

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Dec. 2022


  • Unique Children’s Book Creator: Experience the magic of storytelling with AI-generated, one-of-a-kind children’s stories that are both personalized and imaginative.
  • Personalized Storybook: Bring your child’s imagination to life using our custom storybook creator. With your title and description, we craft a special story with personalized characters and exciting adventures.
  • Illustrated Children’s Stories: Immerse children in captivating tales with our book maker’s custom illustrations, creating a visually appealing and enchanting reading journey.
  • Accessible Digital Books: Enhance accessibility with our text-to-speech feature, making the book inclusive and helpful, especially for children facing challenges in reading or pronunciation.
  • Ownership of Your Own AI Children Book: Take charge of your story—print it, share it, or even sell it. Your personalized and unique children’s book is yours to enjoy and explore as you wish.

Use Cases:

  • Create Gallery: Explore a gallery of already generated children’s books, such as ‘Little Jennifer has discovered a secret garden’ and ‘Little Claudia found a magic wand.’
  • Pricing: Choose from options like a single book for $1.5, unlimited access for $19 per month, or grab a bulk of 10 books for $10 (saving 33%).
  • Create Your Own Awesome Story!: Embark on the journey of crafting your personalized and unique children’s story using our user-friendly book maker.

Elevate your storytelling experience with Childbook AI—an AI-powered book maker that crafts customizable children’s books enriched with narration. Delight in an engaging reading adventure, and take ownership of your story to shape it as you please. Try it today and start crafting your exclusive children’s tale!

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