Checksum AI: Accelerate Development with Automated Testing

Transform your user sessions into a robust testing automation pipeline with Checksum AI, enabling fast and high-quality software deployment without compromising on quality.

Semrush rank: 1 billion
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jun. 2022


  • AI-Powered Comprehensive App Testing: Automatically generate and maintain end-to-end tests based on user sessions, ensuring thorough testing of every aspect of your app while maintaining development speed.
  • Save Development Time with Auto-Generated Tests: Utilize ML models trained on your production sessions to save months in development time. The tests adapt to code changes and flakiness, requiring no manual maintenance.
  • Quick Integration with Privacy-Centric Data Collection: Integrate Checksum seamlessly within minutes with automatic and privacy-centric data collection. Ship with confidence, knowing that your code undergoes thorough and adaptive testing.
  • Run Tests with Open Source Frameworks: Execute tests using open-source frameworks like Cypress or Playwright, providing total control and instant bug detection, ensuring a smooth development process.

Use Cases:

  • Comprehensive Testing for All Flows: Enhance team speed with a testing suite that offers instant feedback and covers every flow of your app. Experience faster code reviews, fewer firefighting instances, and more frequent deployments.
  • Testing New Features without User Sessions: Generate tests for new features on the spot without the need for additional user sessions. Checksum AI extrapolates from production sessions to ensure thorough testing of new functionalities.

Checksum AI revolutionizes automated testing by utilizing AI models trained on production sessions, saving time, elevating code quality, and boosting overall team efficiency. Alternatives: Related Articles:

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