ChatSuggest - Elevate Your Conversations with AI-Powered Real-time Support

ChatSuggest is a cutting-edge AI assistant that excels at transcribing and generating flawless real-time responses during your conversations. Whether you're in important calls, interviews, or meetings, ChatSuggest provides unparalleled AI assistance to boost your performance.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Feb. 2023


  • Live Conversation Transcription: ChatSuggest harnesses advanced AI to transcribe your ongoing conversations, ensuring no detail is missed and maintaining accurate records.
  • AI-Enhanced Real-time Suggestions: This platform utilizes AI technology to craft perfect responses in real-time, making your conversations smoother and more effective.

Use Cases:

  • Interviews: Whether you’re an interviewee or an interviewer, ChatSuggest assists in providing articulate and well-thought-out answers, increasing the likelihood of a successful interview.
  • Meetings & Presentations: In critical meetings or startup pitches, ChatSuggest serves as your ally in delivering measured and persuasive responses to investors’ inquiries.
  • Sales & Prospecting Calls: For sales professionals, ChatSuggest aids in gaining a better understanding of prospects’ challenges and proposing tailored solutions effectively.

Ideal for professionals across various fields, ChatSuggest revolutionizes live communication by seamlessly combining real-time transcription and response generation. Elevate your communication skills with ChatSuggest.

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