ChatDOC: Elevate Your Document Reading Experience with AI Assistance

Unlock instant answers with cited sources, read faster, and enhance your learning experience with ChatDOC, your AI-powered document reader.

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Release time: Mar. 2010


  • Interactive Document Conversations: ChatDOC serves as your AI-powered file-reading assistant, enabling interactive conversations with your documents for immediate answers.
  • Efficient Reading Experience: Accelerate your reading pace and enhance learning with ChatDOC’s rapid extraction, location, and summarization of information from PDFs.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis: Optimize data analysis with ChatDOC’s ability to understand tables and texts within your documents, ensuring improved analytical performance.
  • Fact-Checking Assurance: Rely on ChatDOC’s responses with confidence, as they are supported by direct citations extracted from the files, providing a built-in fact-checking mechanism.

Use Cases:

  • Research Papers and Books: Utilize ChatDOC for research papers, books, manuals, and more. Pose questions about your files and receive easy-to-understand answers within seconds.
  • Academic Writing and Studying: Efficiently locate and summarize information from your textbooks and articles during study sessions and academic writing tasks.
  • Professional Settings: In various professional settings, ChatDOC offers efficient and accurate document reading and fact-checking, enhancing productivity.

Whether you’re a student, researcher, or working professional, ChatDOC empowers you to be more productive and efficient in your work.

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Ayfie’s AI Personal Assistant: Your partner in reviewing, summarizing, and discussing documents effortlessly.

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