Censys GPT Beta

CensysGPT Beta: Streamlining Reconnaissance Operations

Explore the power of CensysGPT beta, simplifying the process of building queries and empowering users to conduct efficient and effective reconnaissance operations.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 416.6k


  • Create Descriptive Censys Queries: Generate queries effortlessly with enhanced creativity. Receive generated queries, even if they require manual adjustments before usage. (Note: Manual fixes are not visible in production.) Try examples like finding Russian hosts running RDP or FTP services in Brazil with the HTML title ‘Index of /’.
  • Translate Legacy Censys Queries: Effortlessly translate legacy Censys queries, such as ’80.http.get.headers.server: squid’ or ‘443.https.get.body: ‘kubernetes”’.
  • Translate Queries from Other Platforms: Translate queries from platforms like Shodan, ZoomEye, BinaryEdge, and others seamlessly. For instance, queries like ‘os:Windows’, ‘port:2077’, or ‘text:’PRTG Network Monitor’ AND port:80,443′ are easily translatable.

Use Cases:

  • Generated Censys Query: Harness the power of Censys Search with efficiently generated queries, streamlining the search process.

CensysGPT beta simplifies the query-building process, elevates reconnaissance capabilities, and facilitates proactive threat hunting and exposure management.

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