Celayix: Empowering Workforce Management

Celayix stands as the ultimate solution for employee scheduling software, attendance tracking, and complete workforce management. Schedule thousands of shifts effortlessly and recover up to $350 per employee per month.

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  • Automated AI Powered Scheduling: Revolutionize your scheduling with Celayix’s automated AI-powered system, reducing scheduling time and effort by up to 95%. Generate new schedules in minutes based on employee availability, skill, and performance.
  • Easily Manage Sick Calls, No-Shows, and Last-Minute Changes: Effortlessly handle sick calls, no-shows, and last-minute changes with Celayix’s employee scheduling software. The system automatically finds available and qualified replacements with a simple click, potentially recovering up to $2,600 per employee per year in absenteeism costs.
  • Instant Employee Communications: Facilitate seamless communication with Celayix’s mobile app, making shift management easy for both you and your employees. Receive shifts directly, automatic reminders, and instant notifications of any shift changes.
  • Control Employee Overtime: Take control of employee overtime with Celayix. Establish your own rules, receive alerts about unwanted overtime, and let Celayix recommend the perfect substitute, ensuring efficient workforce management.
  • Artificial Intelligence Powered: Leverage Celayix’s AI, which uses machine learning to recommend the best shift assignments by analyzing your previous schedules. Whether you need to fill a new schedule or find a replacement, Celayix’s AI does it all.
  • 100% Compliant Shift Schedules: Create limitless rules tailored to your shift work policies, client and employment contracts, overtime, availability, equipment requirements, certifications, and business objectives, ensuring 100% compliance.
  • 100% Accurate Time & Attendance: Experience 100% accurate GPS and AI-verified facial recognition for time and attendance, eliminating timesheet fraud and ensuring the right person is in the right place at the right time.
  • 100% Accurate Payroll & Billing: Ensure 100% accurate billing by seamlessly sending shift data directly to your preferred system with Celayix’s time & attendance software, preventing payroll and data entry errors.
  • Integrate with all your Payroll, Billing and Time & Attendance Apps: Connect Celayix’s employee scheduling and time & attendance software with all your essential applications, including payroll, billing, accounting, HR, and business analysis, creating a seamless and efficient experience.

Use Cases:

  • Large Businesses in Various Industries: Celayix’s workforce management software is trusted by large businesses in healthcare, security, retail, and more, saving both time and money through efficient scheduling.

Celayix offers a comprehensive employee scheduling, time & attendance, and workforce management solution, saving time, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance for businesses.

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