Revolutionize Your Product Management with Cardinal

Cardinal is an intelligent tool that brings cohesion to product management. It enriches your product backlog with customer feedback and revenue data, empowering you to prioritize effectively. With seamless CRM integration, feature alignment, and smart KPI calculations, Cardinal simplifies product strategy at scale.

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Release time: Dec. 2022


  • Customer-Led: Sync data from your CRM and CS tools to understand your customers, their value, deal stage, and feedback to effectively map which features they want and need.
  • Smart Revenue KPIs: Gain insights into current and future ARR while calculating the value of requests based on their importance to the customer’s deal value.
  • Intelligent Product AI: Let AI handle the bulk of work. It spots feature requests in customer feedback, providing a comprehensive map of needs.
  • Features Strategy Alignment: Map each feature to your overall product strategy, gain clear visibility, and prioritize effectively.
  • Revenue Opportunities Surfacing: Forecast and calculate the revenue value of each feature to efficiently focus on the most lucrative opportunities.

Use Cases:

  • Unified Product Management: Cardinal is perfect for teams struggling to align their product strategies, feature backlog, and customer feedback across different systems and teams.
  • Customer Feedback Assessment: Leverage the AI power of Cardinal to extract feature requests from customer feedback across multiple channels.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Teams looking to tie feature requests directly to their revenue potential will find Cardinal’s revenue surfacing feature invaluable.
  • Product Strategy Visualization: Cardinal is ideal for anyone needing to map, track, and visualize their product strategy comprehensively.

Cardinal is an innovative tool that addresses product management complexity. With its AI-backed capabilities, it provides a smart methodology to assess customer feedback and integrate it into your product strategy. Whether you want to align your product features or forecast revenue, Cardinal is the intelligent solution trusted by many next-gen B2B SaaS companies.

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