Carbonate: Automated, AI-driven End-to-End Testing

Experience the efficiency of Carbonate, an automated, AI-driven testing tool that revolutionizes end-to-end testing. Developers and organizations can now write tests in plain English, with Carbonate auto-generating test scripts, adapting to UI changes, and intelligently analyzing HTML modifications. Seamless integration with PHP, Node, and Python SDKs adds to its versatility.

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  • Write Tests in Plain English: Compose automated browser tests in straightforward language directly within your preferred testing tool. Carbonate transforms these into stable test scripts.
  • Auto-adjustment to UI changes: Carbonate automatically generates new test scripts when HTML changes occur, eliminating brittle tests. It excels at distinguishing UI changes from simple rendering differences.
  • Performance and Flexibility: Performance analysis is a one-time process with Carbonate, subsequent test runs utilize a locally cached script. Run the test scripts as per your requirements, offering enhanced flexibility.
  • Integration and Robustness: Carbonate provides SDKs for PHP, Node, and Python. The tool intelligently analyzes HTML, ensuring reliable and robust testing.

Use Cases:

  • Ensuring Test Reliability: Commit generated test scripts to your repository alongside your code. With significant HTML structure changes, delete old scripts for auto-generation of new ones.
  • Easy Integration in Existing Setup: Integrate Carbonate’s SDK directly into your test suite for both cached runs and extractions. Efficiently determine when dynamically rendered pages finish loading.
  • Empowering Testing Teams: Empower manual testers to automate workflows, test more features, and detect more bugs, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Fast and Reliable Development: Ensure changes don’t break existing functionalities with Carbonate, facilitating faster and more reliable development.

Carbonate combines AI prowess with simplicity, enabling end-to-end test writing in plain English. Its flexibility, robustness, and seamless integration into existing software ecosystems make it a pioneering solution for dynamic development environments.

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