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Call My Link by Stork: Elevate Your Meetings with AI Innovation

Experience the next level of video meetings with Call My Link, a service powered by AI that delivers automatic transcriptions, summaries, and recordings. Serving as a Zoom alternative, Call My Link eliminates the need for a host, providing effortless connectivity through a personal URL and fostering efficient team communication.

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  • AI Generated Summaries: Leverage ChatGPT and OpenAI technology for accurate transcriptions and insightful meeting summaries, ensuring efficient follow-ups and comprehensive understanding.
  • No Host Required: Distinguishable from other services, Call My Link operates without the necessity of a host. Even in the host’s absence, you receive a detailed summary and a recording of the meeting.
  • Personal URL for Meetings: Secure your own unique URL, functioning as your ‘phone number’ on the web. Initiate real-time connections with anyone through the provided link.
  • Effective Team Communication: Eliminate the risk of team members being left out. Reduce redundant meetings while preserving the collective knowledge of the team, fostering effective communication.

Use Cases:

  • Team Alignment: Streamline communication to ensure everyone is on the same page, fostering efficient team alignment.
  • Sales & Marketing: Enhance collaboration between sales and marketing teams, facilitating seamless exchange of ideas and data.
  • Recruiting: Facilitate remote interviews, ensuring seamless communication with potential hires.
  • Consulting: Enable effective communication with clients, ensuring all discussions are well-documented for future reference.

Call My Link revolutionizes online meetings through its innovative use of AI and user-friendly features. An ideal solution for businesses seeking to enhance team collaboration and efficiency. Embark on your journey with Call My Link by creating your free Stork account today!

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