Automate Product Updates on Twitter with Buildshare

Simplify and automate your product updates with Buildshare. By connecting seamlessly with your Github repository, Buildshare generates Twitter announcements for every new feature release. Ensure consistency, save time, and keep your users informed effortlessly.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Aug. 2023


  • Easy Github Connection: Initiate the process by easily connecting your project’s Github repository with Buildshare.
  • Automatic Twitter Announcements: Experience the convenience of automatic Twitter posts generated by Buildshare every time a new feature is released.
  • Time Saving and Efficient: Increase efficiency and save valuable time with Buildshare, allowing you to concentrate on building an exceptional product.
  • Consistency in Social Media: Maintain a consistent social media presence as Buildshare automates content generation for your product updates.
  • Post Optimization: Optimized posts generated by Buildshare adhere to best practices, capturing audience attention and promoting product discovery.
  • User Updates: Keep your users informed instantly about new features as Buildshare automatically generates and posts updates.

Use Cases:

  • Software/Product Dev Teams: Dev teams can efficiently utilize Buildshare to automate Twitter updates upon releasing new code on Github, enhancing productivity.
  • Community Managers: Community Managers benefit from Buildshare to consistently share product updates, effortlessly engaging their audience.
  • Venture Capitalists & Startup Enthusiasts: Investors and startup enthusiasts can use Buildshare to stay informed about the progress of products they have invested in or are interested in.

Buildshare is a revolutionary tool that automates Twitter announcements of product updates by seamlessly connecting with your Github account. It provides an effective, time-efficient, and consistent approach to enhance visibility and user engagement on social media. Contact us to discover more about Buildshare.

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