Boxy - Your AI Coding Assistant for Effortless Development

Accelerate the realization of your ideas with Boxy, your new AI coding assistant. Benefit from contextual code explanations, seamless code generation, and efficient refactoring.

Semrush rank: 45.0k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Nov. 2016


  • Intuitive Code Refactoring: Refactor code effortlessly through the app preview by selecting an element and instructing Boxy to generate new code.
  • Contextual Code Generation: Experience tailored code generation by Boxy, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting. It adapts to your specific context within CodeSandbox.
  • Automatic, Meaningful Commit Messages: Let Boxy enhance your workflow with suggestions for commit messages that accurately capture the essence of your work.

Use Cases:

  • Code in Sandboxes: Swiftly experiment and prototype ideas in CodeSandbox’s cloud development environment.
  • Full Stack Development: Collaborate seamlessly with your team to build production-ready projects using CodeSandbox’s powerful tooling.
  • Learn & Experiment: Expand your coding skills by trying out new frameworks and tools in CodeSandbox.
  • Code Reviews: Efficiently review pull requests and provide instant feedback using CodeSandbox’s collaborative environment.

Boxy, your AI coding assistant, is poised to make coding more accessible and productive within CodeSandbox. Take it for a spin and unleash your coding potential!

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