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SAP Conversational AI | Empower Your Business with Low Code Chatbot Building

Transform user experiences with AI chatbots by SAP. Effortlessly manage business tasks by deploying robust conversational AI interfaces using our comprehensive bot building platform, SAP Conversational AI.

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  • Comprehensive Bot Building Platform: SAP Conversational AI provides an end-to-end bot building platform, enabling you to effortlessly create AI chatbots using low-code methods.
  • OAuth Tokens for API Calls: Starting from the May 2023 release, API calls to all bots require OAuth tokens to be included along with the bot tokens, ensuring secure and seamless integration.
  • Flexible Authentication Options: Whether creating a new SAP ID or utilizing an existing one, the Conversational AI platform offers flexible authentication options for single sign-on convenience.
  • Rich Resources: Access a wealth of resources, including tutorials, learning journeys, and documentation, facilitating a smooth initiation into the efficient construction of your chatbots.

Use Cases:

  • Automate Business Tasks: Leverage SAP Conversational AI to automate a variety of routine tasks, benefitting from potent conversational AI interfaces that streamline task management.
  • Enhance User Experiences: By deploying AI chatbots, businesses can offer users a personalized and interactive experience, leading to heightened engagement levels and increased customer satisfaction.

SAP Conversational AI stands as a robust platform empowering businesses to construct AI chatbots effortlessly and effectively. With flexible authentication options and abundant resources, businesses can seamlessly automate routine tasks and deliver personalized, interactive user experiences.

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